What is Sony Virtuoso?

SONY Virtuoso is the world’s premier digital language lab software and is now the language lab of choice in thousands UK ,US and global schools, colleges and universities. SONY Virtuoso delivers rich multimedia files in audio, video, text and internet to students in a dedicated PC suite, across a PC network and now across the web.

SONY Virtuoso is entirely software based and requires no proprietary hardware, extra networks, cables and works with all standard industrial format software. At it’s heart it completely repositions the concept of a language lab from a static location based technology to a site wide multi location based software programme. This delivers substantial savings in terms of costs as software enables teachers to share resources out from a central server and at the same time widen access across campus and local authority schools.

A comprehensive annual ICT support and staff training programme is included within the purchase price of SONY Virtuoso to ensure that our SONY software is successfully embedded with an educational environment.

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