What are the benefits?

Encourages independence

Independent working is a skill which can be easily and actively managed with Sony Virtuoso. Teachers can lead the whole class or students can set their own goals and move towards reaching them at their own pace.

Facilitates assessment for learning, peer-to-peer assessment

Sony Virtuoso allows students to assess each others work (in privacy of other students) but monitored by the teacher.

Personalised teacher feedback

Sony Virtuoso allows the teacher to give bespoke spoken or written feedback on pupils work.

Stretching the most able – supporting the less able

Extension activities are easy to provide to the most able and less able. This is invisible to other students.

Gives the teacher control – monitor progress

The software allows the teacher to stay in control and easily monitor, deliver, group, display, review and collect, audio, video and web based multimedia content.

Gives the teacher control – monitor behaviour

Teacher can control web browsing, manage text chat, monitor student’s screens, and lock key boards.

Collect evidence of progress

Sony Virtuoso supports the OFSTED requirement of evidence that learning objectives have been met. Sony Virtuoso allows the teacher to easily collect, manage and store pupils work, evidence that progress has been made through the learning cycle

Supports controlled assessments

Modular tests in speaking & writing which can count for up to 60% of a GCSE can be set up, managed and collected easily through Sony Virtuoso.

Differentiate learners, easily pair and group students

Sony Virtuoso allows students to work at a pace that’s right for them. Teachers can send level appropriate materials direct to students to work on individually or in pairs or groups. Groups and pairs can be randomly selected or directed by the teacher.

Differentiation by text

Students work on the same task but with slightly different resources tailored to the need of each pupil.

Differentiation by task

Students work towards the same learning objective but do so with a different task. Sony Virtuoso allows teachers to send appropriate level materials to individuals,pairs of groups making differentition by task easy to manage in your langauge lessons.

Differentiation by outcome

The more able learners tend to produce more work of a higher quality. Sony Virtuoso allows teachers to collect work, set and send new tasks easily.

Improves interaction & student participation

Sony Virtuoso allows students to record, text, chat, access internet resources and provides more opportunities for students to communicate with each other and the teacher in the chosen language.

Provides a richer learning experience

Sony Virtuoso provides a rich interactive multimedia learning experience.  Through guiding the use of this rich multimedia content the language lab replicates as closely as possible the experience of being in the target country of the language being learnt.

Talk your students language

Today’s students demand a richer learning experience and the ability to create engaging lessons that make the most of the rich multimedia resources available to teachers is key to engagement

Improve Results

Sony Virtuoso clients frequently report the positive effects having a Sony Virtuoso language lab has on pupil engagement, enjoyment and results.

Whole school / campus wide access, efficiencies and cost savings

Sony Virtuoso is the one truly software-only solution available on the market. The software can be installed and used on any networked PC anywhere on a school, college or university campus. Students can access resources in one room, from room to room or from campus to campus.

To help and support institutions in purchasing and evaluating the various language labs options available we have produced a benchmarking chart which highlights the essential academic, functional and technical elements.

Please download our benchmarking chart here:
Sony Virtuoso Brochure 2012

For detailed individual school, college and university client case studies please visit our case studies page.

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