How does it work?

SONY Virtuoso is a suite of software tools which includes both SONY Virtuoso teacher software and SONY Soloist student concurrent software.

SONY Virtuoso – teacher software

The SONY Virtuoso teacher software is installed statically on a teacher’s PC and gives an infinite level of control and delivery. The software allows the teacher to monitor, control, deliver, group, display, review and collect, audio, video and web based multimedia content. It is easy for the teacher to differentiate ability groups within any class, pair (in any way) and set and manage rich media content.

SONY Soloist – student player

The SONY Soloist software is the student “player” that is linked to the SONY Virtuoso teacher software. SONY soloist plays audio, video and web based formats and is installed concurrently across the whole network. SONY Soloist has an extensive functionality in terms of rewind, stop, start, go back to last silence, record, fast forward, repeat phrase and bookmark. SONY Soloist is the only software that allows for teacher monitoring of “live” student recordings. SONY Soloist is accredited for use by examination boards for aural exams.

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