Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality programme Second Sight enhances student and teacher’s access to audio, video and interactive educational content. This ground breaking new technology works with traditional printed content to trigger audio, video and interactive 3D images. Second Sight enables teachers to blend the use of their established text books, display materials and audio visual content in a way that has not been easy to deploy in the classroom before. Using Second Sight teachers and practitioners can easily create their own content for use. Second Sight comprises a PC based content creation suite and a second sight viewer for the PSP.

Key features include:

  • Content Creation Suite – install on your PC and drag and attach media onto designated codes to trigger individualised learning experiences
  • Memory Stick – transfer attached media content onto a Memory Stick which you insert into your PSP
  • UMD Viewer – install a UMD viewer disc into you PSP; the attached video camera recognises a “sema code” which triggers a designated media file to play

To use Second Sight in Education you will need:

  •  A PSP 3000, a PSP Go!Cam, a Memory Stick for PSP, a PC educational software licence and a UMD viewer disc to trigger media to play on a PSP.

PSP 3000 with camera Memory Stick and online training are available at discounted rates exclusively from ConnectED.

Second Sight Pricing

All prices quoted are exclusive of VAT and delivery.

Standard site license (up to 5 PCs / laptops)

Extended site license (up to 15 PCs / laptops)

UMD Viewer disc

Second Sight Corporate

Second Sight is now available for use in corporate training and mainstream Publishing. For further information on how ConnectED can provide a tailored package please contact us directly.

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Second Sight in action (YouTube)

ConnectED Education is Second Sight’s exclusive distributor on the SONY PSP platform in education and training. Second Sight has been developed with Black Ridge Technologies, an innovative development studio with strong links into online gaming, mobile and handheld technologies for the purposes of education and entertainment.

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