PS Vita

Sony’s new handheld gaming console launched on Wednesday 22nd February.

From an education perspective the new handheld device is very different from its predecessor the PlayStation Portable (PSP). The VITA is first and foremost a sophisticated and powerful games console with some very commercial and engaging next generation games content. The PSP was a great and robust media player that played games. That said there will be some great ways that education can use a VITA.

First and foremost, the VITA’s new controls really enhance in the creation and editing of ‘user generated content’ by creating levels in games like LittleBigPlanet2. The front touch screen and rear touch sensitivity, combined with the standard PS3 gaming control buttons makes editing and level creation even more dynamic and engaging. We can see that using the VITA will increase the ability to tailor and edit user generated content in LBP2 with an educational focus. (Please join us on Tuesday 20th March at our Technology Enhanced Learning Conference at Didcot Girls’ School where use of LBP2 and language learning will be presented. You’ll find more information about the event on our website here.) The PS Vita also has a built in augmented reality feature, which although at the moment plays just games will become more adaptive in time.

Secondly there is the inherent range and quality of the device, with its access to playing videos, taking photos, remote play, group messaging, browser, touch screen, PSN, access with PS3, motion sensors, microphone and either wi-fi or 3G connectivity. As more and more practitioners start to use the huge feature set, new ways of collaboration, exchange and accessing media will act as a catalyst to how education can adapt the content and deliver real learning outcomes. Please see the PS Vita in action in the launch video below.

We are pleased to offer the PS Vita to education for £231 +Vat and delivery for wi-fi and 3G mobile version and £189.99 + Vat and delivery for wifi only.

Download the vita training manual here.

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