LittleBIGPlanet2: improving your STEM skills!

A world of pure imagination – handing you the power to create WHOLE EDUCATIONAL GAMES!

LittleBigPlanet is a world of pure imagination where people play, create and share their wonderful creations. Version 2′s most notable addition is its ‘Create’ mode which allows users to create even better levels. Users can even create completely new games spanning a variety of genres from puzzle games and racers to educational based ‘quests’ and ‘STEM’ skills.

Since its release two years ago, LittleBIGPlanet has sold over 4 million copies, received widespread critical acclaim and numerous awards including the BAFTA Children’s Award in 2009. It won in 8 categories out of 10 nominations at the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences (AIAS) including Outstanding Innovation in Gaming and was judged Family Game of the Year, Console Game of the Year and Overall Game of the Year. LittleBigPlanet was also given the Award for Artistic Achievement at the 5th British Academy Video Games Awards and was given the awards for Best New Debut, Best Game Design, Best Technology, and the Innovation Award at the Game Developers Choice Awards.

The sequel, LittleBIGPlanet 2 (LBP2), boasts 40 new story levels across six themes which can be played alone or with friends either offline or online. It promises to add bundles of new content, as well as backwards compatibility with DLC and millions of free custom-made levels from the original.

LBP2 is now exclusively available to schools and colleges at a special ‘educational’ price point via ConnectED. Insert LBP2 pricelist here

There is no better title that encapsulates SONY’s ‘Play, Create, Share’ tagline.

Examples of LBP in Education
Aeon Quest: Abduction

See the you:tube demo here
In Aeon Quest, LittleBigPlanet players are enlisted by a mechanical being from outer space to help save the planet Earth. Players must prove their worthiness for the mission by traversing different planets while completing a series of missions and puzzles that test an array of STEM skills—from simple math problems to complex logic puzzles.

Discovery Pier : A Whole New Spin on Science and Engineering

See the you:tube demo here
In Discover Pier, LittleBigPlanet players are immersed in the high-octane world of an amusement park. While interacting with a variety of thrill rides, in-game lessons teach players the critical principles of physics and engineering that are at work in each ride, as well as offering simple computer programming lessons on how the ride was created. Players can then use what they have learned to design and build their own fully rendered and animated amusement park rides.


See the you:tube demo here
LittleBigChemistryLab immerses players in worlds based around real-world chemistry experiments and classroom demonstrations, including the classic “baking soda and vinegar volcano,” combustion reactions, and the “glowing pickle” demo. In these LittleBigPlanet levels, players interact with their environment and participate in the experiments, exploring chemistry and chemical concepts through engaging gameplay.

Sackboys and The Mysterious Proof

See the you:tube demo here
In Sackboys and The Mysterious Proof, LittleBigPlanet players must escape from the Proof family’s century-old mansion by solving a series of puzzles using geometric reasoning. With puzzle mechanics driven by geometric theorems, students will convert geometric concepts from the classroom into active knowledge through collaborative play inspired by precision learning.

Stem Cell Sackboy

See the you:tube demo here
Stem Cell Sackboy takes LittleBigPlanet gameplay to the cellular level. Using “SackCell Technology,” players shrink to microscopic sizes to take part in the growing field of stem cell research and therapy. Players learn about the processes of cell growth and reproduction while exploring the importance of stem cell research and the ethical issues that surround it.

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