How does it work?

SANSSpace provides a framework to manage and deliver course content to students; track and measure progress and enable collaboration.

Defining the Learning Community

A typical learning community includes students, teachers and administrators. Within SANSSpace it is possible to define permissions based on the type of user. For example a Network Manager may have full administrative rights, whilst a student may only be given access to content relevant to the course they are studying. Instructors can either create and post their own learning resources  or content from designated publishers in dedicated SANSSpace folders.

Course Management and Delivery

The self authoring tools in SANSSpace allow the creation of text, audio and video resources for lessons, quizzes or reference. Free content from the internet or from relevant publishers can also be uploaded. Educators can add instructions, announcements, deadlines and content related information for any task. Course content can be archived indefinately or such that availability is automated for a preset date.

Digital Comparative Recorder

Students can use the unique built-in comparative recorder and player to interrogate audio and video files. Where required, responses can be recorded and saved, allowing students to review their work anytime anywhere. Bookmarks may be added to any media file to highlight significant points. Files can also be enhanced by inserting written or verbal comments.

Track and Mark

SANSSpace captures all user activity so that educators and students can easily view the learning process. The fluidity with which students are progressing through course content can be monitored and any areas of difficulty can be identified and targeted.  Teachers can communicate comments and grades back to students collectively or individually.

Staying Connected

Students and teachers can stay connected with each other through a variety of communication tools; live chat, forums and the announcement function.

Administrative Reporting

The granular tracking functionality is a strategic tool for administrators. With a complete picture of the learning community’s utilisation of resources through SANSSpace, it’s easy to see activity within a given period of time, assess teaching and learning outcomes and adjust use accordingly. Reports can be customised and exported in standard file formats.

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