What are the benefits?

Improving teacher skills

A recognition of the importance of ICT teacher skills and the current skills gap between teacher and students on how ICT is taught and delivered.

Improving return on investment in new schools and Academies ICT

New schools and academies have been built with a vast array of new technologies. By improving teacher and instructor skills in the use of new technologies greater value and learning outcomes will be delivered.

Improving student engagement and attainment

Students now have access and control to a vast range of technology outside of school; inside of school their access and control is limited and prescriptive. Improving access to wider technologies inside education does improve student engagement and attainment.

Improving student employability

Students need new skills for the 21st century workplace, the use of new technology and the lateral thought processes around it are vital to future employability and well being. The STEM agenda is an important part of both government and commercial requirements for the future.

Engaging the disengaged

Providing an important focal point for cohesion and engagement within local communities.

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