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For more information on the process, practice and delivery of a teacher training programme using GBL please contact us.

ConnectED is Sony PlayStation’s accredited educational channel for the last 5 years and has extensive understanding and knowledge of both education and the interactive industries; we are currently developing an interactive language learning programme using LittleBigPlanet2, as well as continuing our product development work with Sony Virtuoso, ConnectED TV and augmented reality on PlayStation.

There are extensive case studies in the UK and internationally where ConnectED is working successfully in GBL transformation .

You may also be interested in our Technology for Enhanced Learning (TEL) conference on Tuesday 20th March at Didcot Girls’ School, Oxon. The event will examine using web 2.0 and game based technologies and how they can enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum. Please contact Vanessa Cardwelll on [email protected] if you are interested in finding out more. More information is also available on our website here.

The ConnectED team has an expert project direction and management team which is supported by a specialist academic advisory panel, ICT professionals and back office online customer services.

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