How does it work?

The ConnectED GBL consultancy process & delivery:

  • Strategic plan and delivery with identified KPI’s
  • Focused on and off site training on the use and deployment of interactive media
  • Support in identifying ‘vanguard’ or ‘champion’ instructors and subject areas e.g. Maths, English and ICT
  • Specialist trainers embed pre agreed skills sets to identified instructors and from instructors to trainers.
  • A sustainable GBL strategic model is then transferable across the institution

GBL Training

We also deliver bespoke training courses for schools and training institutions on the use of multimedia in the classroom. These ‘technology for enhanced learning’ training sessions focus on the use of multimedia in the learning environment and focus specifically on making use of the technology and resources available to that specific school, college or training body. Programmes can be arranged for schools on inset days or scheduled at times to suit your institution.

You may also be interested in our Technology for Enhanced Learning (TEL) conference on Tuesday 20th March at Didcot Girls’ School, Oxon. The event will examine using web 2.0 and game based technologies and how they can enhance teaching and learning across the curriculum. Please contact Vanessa Cardwelll on [email protected] if you are interested in finding out more. More information is also available on our website here.

The GBL Team

Along with ConnectED’s expert programme managers, IT specialists and project managers GBL clients are also supported by an advisory educational panel of ICT specialists providing tailored advice and direction.
Visit our team online here.

Visit our case studies here for practical and successful example of GBL deployment across the country.

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