Making sense of MOOC: 24.04.2013


, 2.00 pm -
Merchant Taylors' School , Rickmansworth, North London

The advent of ‘Massive Open Online Content’ (MOOC) by universities, combined with wider access points to content via the growth of superfast internet connectivity and the dramatic shift to iPads, tablets and smart phones, is radically changing traditional teaching and learning methodologies. How should universities use the ‘cloud’ to attract new students from secondary and FE, given the decline in applications and recent economic constraints? With free and expansive online content, what quality control mechanisms can we put in place? How can we develop appropriate assessment criteria? Finally what effective revenue models can be put in place to validate all of this?


The aim is to bring together a selective group of top independent, state schools and FE Colleges with their counterparts in higher education to see how this new online paradigm can be made to work smarter and more effectively for the next generation of our students.

A full agenda and booking information follows shortly