Game Based Learning Conference


Wed 7th December 2011
Richard Rose Morton Academy, Carlisle

New ways of teaching and learning

As well as celebrating the launch of the new school the conference will look at the Academy’s use and deployment of new interactive game based- technology. The conference will look at how to elicit improvements in teacher skills in the use of new media. The conference will show how through using this new media it is possible to enhance teaching and learning around critical thinking, decision making, independent and collaborative learning via ‘mission’ and ‘quest’ based activities. There will be a strong focus on the stretching of G&T; the engagement and jump in level’s of SEN and disengaged; transferability; impact on behavior and of course raising of standards in literacy, maths as well as ICT.

Next generation skills for tomorrow’s workforce

The conference will highlight the importance of ‘next generation’ skills that today’s students will need in tomorrow’s economy. The conference will look at enhancing opportunities for young people and their own ‘stake in the community, both locally and nationally. Many different political and commercial leadership groups have highlighted the importance of the ‘STEM’ agenda, the conference will also focus on the importance of new technical skills in the 21st Century workplace.

New schools, new challenges and choices

The new political and economic landscape has decentralised procurement and increased local choice; it has asked tough questions around value for money. The conference will look at how senior management in new schools and academies can buy IT services smarter and more effectively. It will look at how to use ICT in a new build more efficiently and cohesively. It will look at how to develop and improve teacher and staff motivation around new 21st century skills.

Better schools better future

We hope to share practice and provide local and national government with an informed message about how we can create a better future for our schools through the enhanced use of interactive games based technologies.

Delegate fee: £50.00 ex VAT in advance payable to ConnectED Services Ltd.

Download the full agenda here.(Programme is subject to change)

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