Why a ‘next gen’ language lab is an essential in languages teaching

North London Collegiate School’s Head of Modern Foreign Languages, Mark English, explains why one of the very foremost schools in the UK sees SONY Virtuoso language lab software as mission critical in language learning.

Mark and his team saw that the onset of digital technology revolutionised modern languages teaching more than any other subject discipline in school. Instead of having to rely on dated content students can access, listen to and investigate the news in other languages from only moments before.

SONY Virtuoso in general has made current content more accessible. Instead of having to rely on old content students can access and listen to the news from only an hour ago. SONY Virtuoso allows us to exploit this current media content, making relevant content more immediate, more empowering.

Mark’s experience at NLCS is that a digital language lab is now no longer an optional extra in modern languages teaching.

Nowadays it’s absolutely essential …using a digital language lab is a way to really take advantage of the new technology in a way that gives very clear, pedagogical educational benefit, developing teachers’ skills and also developing the right kinds of language learning skills in students. SONY Virtuoso really caters for exactly that and we are very happy with our choice.

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North London Collegiate School Case Study