Engaging learners through innovative use of PlayStation

Gloucestershire College has found that engaging learners on a regular and systemic basis was a challenge for many practitioners in further education. Repetitive learning activities and assessment can result in disengaged and disaffected learners. The college was looking for a way to try to re-engage with these learners and so invested in mobile learning technology equipment. They have been very happy with the PSPs they purchased initially as part of a MoLeNET project but which are now used across the curriculum.

Gloucestershire College’s staff members use technology every day to support learners and, to enhance and enrich the learning experience. It is embedded into teaching and learning, it is embedded into the system and processes within the college, it is part of the learning journey for every learner.

James Clay, ILT and Learning Gateways Manager (and winner of ALT Learning Technologist of the Year 2009)

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