Sony Virtuoso fulfils all the criteria at The University of Salford

Investing in the latest SONY Virtuoso language lab software has helped teachers and students at The University of Salford bring teaching and learning from classroom to VLE and back home.

After assessing all the major language lab technologies in the market place it was obvious that only SONY Virtuoso could fulfil our criteria. We were able to get good empirical results quickly; teaching staff find it easy to operate. Students get it straight away. In fact since its installation we have had not had a single problem related to the SONY software for the entire semester.

Dr Ian Foster, Lecturer in German and Director of Learning Resources.

The confidence Salford University has in SONY Virtuoso was highlighted recently when the languages department hosted a workshop on the use and development of the language lab over the last year for other interested universities and schools. Delegates came from as far afield as Plymouth, Lancaster and Hull.

The European and Middle Eastern distributors of the software, ConnectED, have visited Salford on a number of occasions before the workshop to support training of Languages’ staff.  ConnectED’s MD Mark Stimpfig said, ”We are delighted to be able to work with The University of Salford  in combining our SONY software with real and profound teaching skills to enhance student and wider community engagement in language learning.”

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