Sony Virtuoso Language Lab and Content Management Software as part of Nats (Air Traffic Control Services) Rigorous Training Programme.

NATS the global leader in air traffic control services has just agreed on an innovative training initiative for all UK air traffic controllers using digital language lab SONY Virtuoso.


Our air traffic control service is delivered by highly trained controllers supported by sophisticated technical systems. The SONY Virtuoso software lends itself extremely well to the in-depth training we deliver at NATS.

Rob Siddall, IS Analyst CTC, NATS

SONY Virtuoso is essentially multimedia transportation software. It is extremely intuitive to use and will allow NATS trainers to run interactive multimedia based training sessions, enabling students to work with rich media (audio and video material) and allowing access to interactive exercises and websites. Students can also link themed resources into text, audio and video.

SONY Virtuoso is as a software only solution allowing students and teachers to access and interact with multimedia resources across the whole NATS network. The software can be accessed and interacted with from room to room and across locations; groups can be taught live and simultaneously in pairs in many different locations linked by one PC network.
Says Karen Foster, Training Manager of NATS.

SONY Virtuoso was picked as part of a competitive tender against the other major language lab suppliers in the market. NATS will be working closely with SONY’s specialist distributors ConnectED to develop the use of the software.

We are delighted that NATS has chosen SONY Virtuoso as part of its’ training programme. It is important that any software investment be supported by a substantive teacher training programme. We look forward to working closely with the team at NATS to ensure the software delivers full and sustainable value to the organisation.
says Mark Stimpfig, Director, ConnectED Services Ltd.

NATS provides air traffic control services for aircraft flying in UK airspace and the eastern part of the North Atlantic. Last year they handled 2.1 million flights carrying over 200 million passengers safely and efficiently in our airspace. NATS has 5,000 employees working in a variety of roles spanning Air Traffic Controllers, Engineers, Human Factors Psychologists and Data Analysts to name but a few. Controllers undertake an extensive three year training programme from initial entry to becoming fully operational. They are then subject to a continuous process of assessment of operational competence with annual reviews and re-validation by the safety regulator.