Playing for Success with Millwall FC & SONY PlayStation

A group of 12-14 year olds spent 3 days of their summer holiday activity programme creating multi-media content (audio & video files) and formatting them to work with augmented reality software programme, Second Sight. Once formatted this content was installed on PlayStation Portables (PSPs). At the end of the third day their parents and friends took a PSP each containing the content the students had created in the previous days on a ‘Stadium Tour’.  When the camera of the PSP was pointed at a pre placed code called a ‘sema code’ in the stadium the associated audio or video file was played on the PSP screen.

Because the students could see the benefit of the project, they rose to the challenge of using a range of software and hardware that was unfamiliar to them. This meant that they were fully engaged, their behaviour was exemplary, they had to work as a team, reviewed each others’ work and supported each other.