Engage students in langauge learning with 'next gen' language lab Sony Virtuoso

Founded 1546 Colyton Grammar School has enjoyed a long and distinguished history.The school has a tradition of high academic expectation nurtured by a culture that values achievement in all activities and supports fully the development of each student.  Within Languages French and German are taught through years 7 – 13 and Japanese through years 11 – 13.

For many years the languages department had been using an older SONY analogue tape based language lab system, which although was reliable was becoming increasingly outdated in the world of digital media. Tim Love and his languages team were keen to develop crisp, lively and contemporary lessons using digital media formats like MP3. MP4, Flash etc. They also wanted students to access listening resources independently of the teacher both inside and outside the classroom.

Tim love explains how investing in Sony Virtuoso worked for them ‘The benefits for us, within the wider context of languages, is that we wanted to develop both listening skills and encourage the use of video in languages. The lab has helped us to talk the same multimedia language as our students and has therefore brought our up to date with student expectations

Our students find the SONY Virtuoso software interface for listening easy and pupil friendly. Being able to bookmark sections of audio and revisit them is a big plus for pupils; they can quickly find the sections they need. Another big strength of SONY Virtuoso software is the independent access to audio resources so students can work at a pace that’s right for them. They love random pairs, and the ability to listen over and over again to their own audio files quickly and efficiently. They also enjoy working with video; this is an area we intend to develop more on in the future’.

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