Creating and using digital resources is easy with SONY Virtuoso.

The University of Greenwich have a new and effective approach to the teaching of speech and language therapy.

One of the many reasons we choose SONY Virtuoso is because of its case simulation potential. When we were looking for resources to help with the teaching of speech and language therapy, we found that at the foundational stage there were a lot of resources around but when it came to teaching fundamental clinical skills there are very few resources out there that are actually good for purpose.

Marian McCormick, Programme Director

The University have a particular interest in helping students to develop practical language analysis skills. Starting research on the web it became clear that there were plenty of resources to support foundational skills teaching but these were mainly text and web based resources supporting MFL teaching. . It soon became clear that digital language lab Sony Virtuoso would be the ideal tool to easily and quickly create and interrogate video resources.

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University of Greenwich