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Advancing Education: NAACE and LMS for BYOD

6th February 2013-2019

The growth of investment, by both US and UK universities, in MOOC also fuels this demand. Joint programmes between Harvard MIT and Stanford, and more recently between UK Universities under the banner of the ‘FutureLearn’ programme, are being evangelised by Universities Minister David Willets. This all comes around the background of a drop in the number of students now attending university; in the UK last year for instance some 54,000 less. The problem with the whole MOOC movement though is there is no accreditation and specific quality control. Universities charge fees for students who come in and onto campus but the free online content is a challenge that needs to be met and managed.

13th January 2013-2019

For me, SANSSpace represents an important milestone in the development of effective teaching methods for language learning.
Will Harvey Head of MFL Didcot Girls School, a Specialist Languages College

A learning management programme for ‘BYOD’

12th January 2013-2019

The acceptance of a BYOD programme in education will mean an increasing use and importance of video in teaching and learning. How will teachers and instructors successfully adapt and manage the use of video for their students? A unique new online learning management programme called SANSSpace has the answer.

Language Lab ‘App’ for iPads and Smart Phones

19th November 2012-2019

SANSSpace developed from Sony Virtuoso networked language labs, now offers student and teacher access via an ‘App’ for iPads and Smart Phones