How Bournemouth University has moved language learning to the ‘cloud’

12th March 2013

Bournemouth University (BU) has just announced a strategic investment in SANSSpace™, a unique online language lab programme, in their Languages Resource Centre, for use by the School of Tourism and BU’s independent language learners. SANSSpace has been developed by SANS Inc. in the USA, the exclusive developer and worldwide licensor of the Sony Virtuoso™ digital language lab solution

What makes SANSSpace stand out from any other online programme,’ says Paul Barnes, the BU Language Centre Manager, ‘is it’s ability to interrogate video and audio files on any device and from any location. We used to have an older networked lab that limited and constrained access. We have been looking, for some time, at solutions that purported to have a cloud capacity, but found they couldn’t play video and didn’t work across student devices like smart phones, tablets and iPads.  We have been working with SANSSpace over our network, with teachers and students over the last two months, and find it incredibly easy and intuitive to use. SANSSpace can also be easily linked and blended into any other web space. We can also see that it can be applied to other areas outisde of the curriculum; anywhere that requires the interrogation, marking and assessment of video files.’

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